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Our Aquatic Lifeguard team is highly prepared to integrate in the dynamics of your hotel.

Look Up gestio business group is made up of a large number of professionals distributed throughout the different islands, where they develop services that as a whole cover the needs that a hotel complex may demand.


· We cover the fiscal and administrative aspects of the employees: insurance, labor risks, social security.

·We review your establishment to comply with the health regulations of each Autonomous Community.

·Civil liability insurance of €1,000,000 according to legislation.


·Replacement of material for dressings, splints, spoon stretcher or spinal board and collar during the term of the contract if the establishment does not have them. ·Corporate uniforms. ·Personnel trained with D.E.S.A.


·Permanent supervision of the objectives of satisfaction and daily control.

·Daily report to the hotel management about any type of incident.

·Attention 24 hours and displacement service in serious incidents.

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Uniforme Look up
Uniforme Look up
Uniforme Look up
Acuatic Lifeguard

Quality is not an act, it's a habit!

Our lifeguards are in constant training to guarantee the safety and well-being of guests, with a quality service.

We carry out quarterly drills in different work centers.

First aid techniques, basic rescue and basic life support and use of the defibrillator semi-automatic external.

We train employees with talks for the correct development of their activity: prevent, alert and help.

Weekly meetings between lifeguard coordinators and the person in charge of the company Vital Ocio / Look up.

AptitudesThe proposals submitted by the employees for the continuous improvement of the lifeguard position are analyzed and studied.

Introduction of constant department improvements.

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