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Our offer stands out for being supported by a team made up of professionals from different fields capable of carrying out services such as animation, mini club, teenies, adults, senior, fitness, art workshops, entertainment team shows, professional shows, planning and development excursions and events, creation and presentation of digital programs, among others.


Available profiles

All our entertainers have an open and expansive character (empathy), speak a high or native level of the language required by the hotel. In small teams we provide the hotel with more than 2 years of experience.

We take care of giving them extensive training in: treatment of complaints, work teams, sales and customer profile, evolutionary psychology, non-verbal communication, product characteristics, as well as hotel services. But everything does not end there, we promise to continue training them uninterruptedly for the duration of the contract.

Tourist Entertainment


Support, supervision and monitoring of the progress of the animation team in the different hotels in the area.

Team leadder

Direct contact person with the hotel management and the group of entertainers.



Person trained by the company for the proper development of program activities.


Fitness entertainer

Qualified personnel in alternative gymnastics with accredited qualifications.

Mini Club

Person in charge of educational and fun activities for children’s entertainment.

Maxi club

Person specialized in activities aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old.



Person focused on children over 13 years old and with the aim of creating a good social environment.

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children's entertainment

Mini Club

We take care of the little ones, who are the prescribers of the 21st century. We avoid that the miniclub is not only a meeting point for children, but a place of fun and learning during their vacations. We plan activities with objectives and materials that meet the psycho-affective needs of children, reinforcing values such as effort, teamwork, ecology, etc.

Spatial orientation Symbolic play Psychomotricity Socialization

Objective: Discover water as an essential element for life, promote respect for its responsible consumption and the maintenance of the environment and natural cycle.

We reinforce the client with visual stimuli dedicated to the little ones.

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